🎤 One of my wildest dreams came true when I met Raphael at one of his concerts. It was thanks to my amazing amigo Roberto Leal. He pulled some strings.

🎤 When I met the master, I told him: Raphael, you were one of my first Spanish teachers, well, your music. He was thrilled and gave me a genuine smile.

🎤 I asked my wife to pinch me because I thought I was dreaming. I don’t normally get starstruck when I meet stars, but this was an exception. Have you ever gotten starstruck?

  • mejores sueños
  • recurrir a enchufes
  • encantado
  • pellízcame
  • deslumbrado (en shock)

A little quiz:

We were ___________.

  • backstage
  • in the backstage
  • on the backstage

👁 the correct answer lies in the Broadway episode of FYI. 🎭

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