The music video of DJ Valdi’s smash hit Wanna Dance and I was a part of it. I wrote part of the song and rapped a bit; next thing we know, the song is NUMBER 1 on Maxima FM Dance Charts. 

After the success of Wanna Dance I was called to work with other music producers like Kato Jimenez and Paula Cendejas. This song wasn’t a huge hit but I am very proud of it.

Making music with friends is always fun. We decided to play with the Ghostbuster theme in this tune. It’s catchy.

I was invited to grace one of the most legendary stages in Madrid: Galileo Galilei. I sang Brown-Eyed Girl with the supergroup Greenwich Village. What a memorable night!

One Of my students asked me to join his band on stage at Fortuny night club. We sang this Joan Jett classic. Do you love rock n’ roll?

One of my hobbies is jamming in the studio with my friends. There’s nothing like a blues jam with buddies and beers.