Alberto is a rare breed; Almericano: born of a Spanish dad and an American mom in the USA. Since he can remember he has loved entertaining people and making them laugh. He went on to receive a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Theatre. He’s a professional actor in the AEA union. 

Throughout his long professional career, he’s worked as a director, writer, actor, singer, presenter, teacher, interpreter, and voice over artist. He’s also written the hit books: English Everywhere, This Book Is The Milk & This Book is the ReMilk, English On The Go! 

He has also appeared on many popular TV and radio shows: El Hormiguero, Dani & Flo, English On The Go, RNE, La Ser, Cope, Melodia FM, etc.

Tireless and always in search of new adventures, he knows no other way of seeing life except loving it and living every moment to the max. You’ll feel this energy in each of my programs, some of which have been on the air for around a decade. Check out his latest media projects on the home page. 

He has been creating quality English content online and on the air for over 12 years and has created an online learning community. If you want to support me and join our curious community go over to patreon.com/albertoalonso

Do what you love; love what you do.