Join me as I teach you English on the go. In this series I’ll take you to many cool places in the USA and guide you through the English experience. Learning English while you discover my amazing country.

Morning Singer: Are you a music lover? Aren’t we all? Learn English vocabulary and structures with the most popular songs.

English Everywhere: On this show, I’ll take you to practice your English in real situations. You’ll learn tricks to make English easy and fun as we travel around the world, fly a plane, or go kayaking…

Learn your Lesson: In this series, I will go over the most common English mistakes and give you tips to help you master the language.

Express Yourself: Do you want to express yourself better in English? Express Yourself is a show where you’ll learn some of the most common expressions and you’ll hear the interesting stories behind them, so that you’ll never forget them.

English on the Go: English On the GO! is a show where we take English out of the classroom and bring it into the real world. You’ll learn English in all types of places! Are you ready? Let’s GO!