I was on The Hormiguero with the singer Andy Y Lucas and we played a game with pronunciation. See if you pronounce these popular words better or worse than them. Good luck!

One of my biggest challenges and one of the most fun ones, both on TV and in real life, was teaching Mario Vaquerizo English. What a funny student! Laughs guaranteed!

I had the pleasure of working on Cuatro with two of the funniest dudes on TV: Dani & Flo. What a riot! I’m not sure if their English improved though. LOL

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dani Mateo and his crack team. You’ll crack up every minute with this crazy crew.

Yu No Te Pierdas Nada on Los 40 is a wacky show. Damian and I paid them a visit to talk about This Book Is The Milk. 

Do you get antsy often? Me too. That’s when I hang out with my friends in the anthill, the most popular show on TV (El Hormiguero)

My Loyal friend Roberto Leal understands the importance of having fun whilst you learn! Do you mispronounce these brands?

Have you ever interpreted simultaneously? In this case, I was doing it for both Robert and Vance. Who said guys can’t do two things at once? This moment of the gala went viral because I was so in the moment that I interpreted his chuckle.

A radio visit to my friends at Déjate de Historias. We were laughing and learning English from This Book is the Milk and its sequel The ReMilk! Maria Jose and her team are “the milk”.