The Show With No Name is a wacky, funny, fun, high-octane, energetic, totally interactive, variety show. There’s something for everyone in this daily 2-hour show/English class, whether you like movies, music, history, nature, art, interviews, psychology, etc.

One of our claims to fame on the program is that we look at real English. Since we check out popular movies in the Name That Movie section and music in the Name That Lyric section, they learn the latest lingo, the English most vocabulary books don’t teach; the real McCoy.

Using humor, good vibes, and the indispensable communication skills I acquired as a theatre major, I aim to keep the class both entertaining and challenging for the students.  Thanks to social media, the program is full of interactive challenges such as Double Trouble, Famous Birthday Trivia, Mystery City, and many more to keep the listeners on their toes and to make the repetitive review part of the learning process, more of a game than a tedious chore. Everyone likes to play! So, why not play as we learn?