Few places can transport you to another world while taking your emotions on a roller coaster ride along the way. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker seeking an adrenaline rush, or you want to be dazzled while you wine and dine, or just to take a leisurely ride down a lazy river; you’re sure to have an immersive experience. Calling all park-goers: Adjust your lap bars and shoulder restraints because we are going to discover the amazing world of amusement parks on today’s FYI.

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Show links:
Westchester County Fair (I attended every year and remember this commercial)
World’s oldest amusement park “BAKKEN” Dyrehavsbakken
Tivoli Gardens
Paul Boyton’s Water Chutes
English On The Go Coney Island
Wonder Wheel – Official Trailer
Cyclone – Coney Island (front row)
History of Coney Island
Knott’s Berry Farm Documentary
Alton Towers
Tokyo Disney Sea
Action Park The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever
Hacienda Napoles (Pablo Escobar)
Class Action Park – new doc, coming soon
Action Point (trailer)
10 best Cedar Point Coasters
I worked at this Planet Hollywood in Disney Orlando
Kingda Ka (front row)
Everest; The Experience
Universal Studios Earthquake
Spider-Man Universal Studios
Harry Potter. Universal Osaka, Japan
Jurassic Park – Universal Osaka (my wife’s favorite)
Love Roller Coaster – RHCP 

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